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We offer comprehensive solutions for graphic printing, design, and packaging.


Service Introduction

Green Process

Key Advantages of Anxin

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Comprehensive Manufacturing Process

With over 30 years of printing experience, from paper boxes to flexible packaging, customers can fulfill all their printing needs in a one-stop-shop.

Eco Friendly

Our production line is solvent-free, with zero VOC emissions, ensuring the safety of customer products and safeguarding the environment.

Direct Factory

Consistent production, streamlined processes, and rapid, accurate delivery contribute to precise inventory management for our customers.

International Certification

We hold international certifications such as ISO22000, HACCP, and G7, ensuring the quality of our products.

Small Business Support

From the customer's standpoint, we can effortlessly produce your exclusive packaging in small quantities, helping you craft a distinctive brand identity.

Customized Services

From design and sampling to printing, we offer comprehensive packaging printing solutions.

Product Introduction

Printing on flexible packaging and paper boxes
We provide a one-stop packaging printing solution.




Actual Cases

The beauty lies hidden in everyday life

PE Single-Material Recyclable 3-Side Sealed Bag

Our Choices, Ensuring the Earth's Sustainability

Tea Field Aroma Handheld Box

Handheld Gift Box

Fuda Premium Cover Gift Box

Wrap-Around Door-Opening Gift Box

Introducing the Vibrant Handheld Box

Brew and Carry Tea with Ease


Transparent Flat Pouch Packaging Design

Digital Partial Light 3-Side Sealed Bag

A Bright Accent for Packaging Bags