Introducing the Vibrant Handheld Box

Newly launched: the Handheld Box by daydayprint. With a simple and basic box design complemented by a small handle, this colorful box transforms to bring a light and cute vibe. It is an ideal choice for an approachable gift.

It is suitable for packaging around 10 tea bags or coffee packets, and it is also perfect for loose cookies or candies.

The design continues the bouquet style, featuring soft brush strokes paired with a faux paper texture, bringing a warm and sunny feeling. We hope that each of our days will bloom as brightly as flowers.

daydayprint offers customized printing services, allowing you to replace the logo and product text. Inquiries are welcome. bouquet Handheld Box

  • Material / Matte lamination on white copper card
  • Printing / CMYK
  • Design / daydayprint
  • Photography / daydayprint