Digital Partial Light 3-Side Sealed Bag

Partial light utilization through reflective effects is a common processing method, wherein key elements on the packaging are highlighted without overshadowing the main design. However, traditional processes require plate-making and involve substantial production volumes. This is where digital printing with partial light comes into play!

Digital machines eliminate the need for plate-making, enabling direct printing of reflective effects on-demand. This method is highly suitable for small-scale packaging printing, ensuring precise depiction of fine details and significantly improving registration accuracy. In terms of sample bag design, crisp strokes against a white background create contrast, while the partial light accentuates the strokes and text above, adding a distinct flavor to the minimalist design.

daydayprint hopes to collaborate with you to create unique packaging bags 🙂

  • Material / Matte aluminum foil
  • Printing / CMYK+W
  • Design / daydayprint
  • Photography / daydayprint