Digital Hot Stamping for 3-Side Sealed Bag

Would you like your packaging bags to sparkle with luxurious elegance? Traditional hot stamping is time-consuming and requires large-scale production. While imitation hot stamping using aluminum foil has its limitations and cannot be applied to transparent packaging materials. Digital hot stamping can be your new choice!

Digital hot stamping eliminates the need for plates and allows for the direct printing of embossed gold effects on the machine. It is perfect for small-batch customized packaging, accurately reproducing large areas of gold or intricate lines with precision. The rich gold color produced is incomparable to the brightness achieved with imitation hot stamping on aluminum foil material.

The sample bags feature hand-drawn floral designs as the background, with some patterns outlined in gold using hot stamping. The product names are also hot stamped, creating a unique and vibrant overall aesthetic.

daydayprint aim to create unique packaging together with you. Feel free to reach out for inquiries!

  • Material / Matte aluminum foil
  • Printing / CMYKW
  • Design / daydayprint
  • Photography / daydayprint