Good Food Good Day Gift Box

The gift box adopts a colorful abstract style design, with vibrant colors providing a festive and celebratory visual experience.

The surface is treated with a matte finish, not only adding a soft texture but also effectively preventing scratches caused by friction during daily use, thereby enhancing the durability of the packaging. In terms of printing techniques, the use of hot stamping and hot foil stamping adds a high level of dimension to the overall design, creating a progressively escalating visual effect.

The packaging design successfully blends aesthetics with practicality, attracting attention while also being considerately functional, conveying the brand’s dedication and quality.

We provide information and advice on both structural and design aspects, along with the option for small-scale custom packaging printing. Feel free to inquire for more details.

  • Material / White cardboard corrugated board with matte finish decoration and handle rope.
  • Printing / CMYK+W+Gilding and silver stamping
  • Design / Good Food Good Day
  • Photography / daydayprint