ASTRELLE coffee: A Café That Soothes the Soul

ASTRELLE coffee is a coffee shop that can heal people’s hearts. In the world of ASTRELLE coffee, it is filled with encouragement, companionship, and a sense of security. The aroma and deliciousness break through the barriers of language, bringing people from all over the world together.

The bag utilizes the shiny material characteristics of aluminum itself, using white ink to create a “revealing aluminum effect”. It adds sparkling stars like gorgeous ornaments to the colorful night sky, embellishing the deep black night with stars all over, giving people the motivation to continue moving forward on weary nights.

The space on the side of the box bottom bag allows for more diverse packaging possibilities. Extending to the sides, the beautiful and dreamy stars shine brightly and vibrantly, adding splendid brilliance to the packaging, endowing it with charming romantic and dreamy allure.

Let us meet under the starry sky, brought together by our shared knowledge and appreciation of coffee. ASTRELLE coffee

  • Material / Matte aluminum foil
  • Printing / CMYK+W
  • Design / ASTRELLE coffee
  • Photography / daydayprint