Tea Field Aroma Handheld Box

The new handheld box design builds upon the basic box shape, incorporating a handle for easier carrying and retrieval. Considering the need for stacked storage, the handle is designed to be retractable into the box to prevent it from being crushed. This feature also protects the handle during gift-giving, preventing damage during transportation and handling.

Designed to complement the Tea Field Aroma style, we hope to bring you a spiritual journey into nature. Each cup of tea is a tribute to nature and a beautiful enjoyment of life.

This box is suitable for holding approximately 10 tea bags or coffee bags, as well as loose cookies or candies.

daydayprint offers customized printing services, allowing you to replace the logo and product text. Inquiries are welcome.Tea Field Aroma Handheld Box

  • Material / Matte lamination on white copper card
  • Printing / CMYK
  • Design / daydayprint
  • Photography / daydayprint