2024 Sustainable Desk Calendar

As the time approaches to welcome the arrival of the new year, what are everyone’s expectations and aspirations for the coming year? Are there any new plans or adventures in the pipeline?

Perhaps booking tickets for a springtime getaway, organizing a day of stream tracing or hiking, or simply enjoying some time by the sea to unwind…

We hope that the beauty of mountains, forests, and nature will always accompany us. Sustainability has become an issue that we need to prioritize.

daydayprint currently offers two types of eco-friendly packaging materials for custom printing. Eco paper retains the texture of paper while also providing barrier properties, and it is recyclable. Recyclable high-barrier materials are suitable for transparent designs.

Let’s build a greener future.

  • Material / 1. Eco paper 2. Recyclable fully PP high barrier transparent material
  • Printing / CMYK
  • Design / daydayprint
  • Photography / daydayprint