Eat’s Freeze-Dried Gourmet Feast for Pets

Natural, healthy, delicious – Eat’s Freeze-Dried makes its grand debut.

Using natural ingredients to ensure that pets can eat safely, enjoy delicious flavors, and maintain good health, suitable for both cats and dogs. In the design, vibrant colors are paired with different colors of cats to present lively and adorable scenes. In printing, the transparent packaging is utilized to showcase a window effect, allowing for a clear view of the contents.

The functionality of easy opening and sealing in stand-up pouches helps prolong the freshness of your products, making them ideal for packaging items such as pet food and snacks.

Let’s indulge in mouthfuls of meat with Eat’s!

  • Material / Matte transparent
  • Printing / CMYK+W
  • Design / Eat’s
  • Photography / daydayprint