Elegant Debut of Cotton Paper Packaging Bags

Daydayprint Introduces a New Material – Cotton Paper Bags Take the Spotlight
The elegant cotton paper provides a graceful abode for precious products. Its semi-transparent appearance and unique texture are perfect for snacks and tea leaves, effortlessly elevating the texture of your tea time treats.

The paper material boasts a delicate surface and excellent printing quality while reducing the use of plastic, contributing efforts towards carbon emission reduction.

In terms of sample bag design, Japanese motifs and lines are employed, with neatly arranged patterns creating a stable and tranquil atmosphere. Enjoying delicious treats also brings a sense of calmness to the mood.

Daydayprint offers custom printing services, allowing your brand to stand out uniquely on every bag, creating packaging bags exclusively tailored to your brand.
Let’s create wonderful tea moments together!

  • Material / Cotton Paper
  • Printing / CMYK
  • Design / daydayprint
  • Photography / daydayprint