Gû Buâ Kak Estate

Gû Buâ Kak Estate is a premium coffee from Alishan, with packaging inspired by four different natural landscapes.

Using hand-drawn illustrations, they vividly depict the harmonious coexistence of waterfalls, mountains, forests, and sunset-lit sea of clouds, seamlessly integrated with wildlife. Leveraging ample printing space on both sides and the bottom, they enrich the three-dimensional presentation of the vibrant landscapes.

The box bottom bag allows for a stable standing, presenting a neat and stylish display. Moreover, compared to stand-up pouches, the box bottom bag offers a larger volume for the same footprint, combining both practicality and aesthetics.
The single-sided zipper structure allows for easy opening without the need for scissors or tear notches. It also prevents powder from sticking to the zipper during filling, making it a popular choice for coffee and food packaging bags.

Let’s all enjoy the goodness brought by Gû Buâ Kak Estate

  • Material / Matte aluminum foil
  • Printing / CMYKW
  • Design / Gû Buâ Kak Estate
  • Photography / daydayprint