PE Single-Material Recyclable 3-Side Sealed Bag

Traditional flexible packaging is made from multiple materials, making it difficult to effectively separate and recycle. The trend is moving towards using single-material packaging.
Following the high-barrier PP bag, daydayprint introduces the second single-material packaging—PE single-material recyclable flexible packaging. With a heat resistance range of 70-90 degrees Celsius, it can be used for food packaging that requires cold resistance. After disposal, it can directly enter the PE recycling system.

The sample bag design continues the hand-drawn illustrations from the 2024 Sustainable Calendar. The front features beautiful depictions of trees, oceans, and plants, with white ink to create transparency and a sense of natural clarity. The back uses a large area of dark color with subtle patterns to bring a different texture.

daydayprint offers customized printing services and hopes to work with you to create unique packaging bags. May nature thrive endlessly, and we hope to continue progressing further on the path of sustainability.

  • Material / PE Single-Material Recyclable Material
  • Printing / CMYKW
  • Design / daydayprint
  • Photography / daydayprint