The demand for environmentally friendly products has been strongly triggered by issues such as minimal custom printing and the use of disposable soft packaging materials. This has made environmental protection a critical issue in the soft packaging industry.

Yumthé is the only tea factory in Hong Kong that holds both EU organic and Fair Trade certifications. They are dedicated to environmental conservation, using natural, additive-free ingredients from cultivation and harvesting to packaging, with zero artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They strive to minimize their negative impact on the environment, embodying a passion for environmental protection.

Daydayprint is committed to promoting environmentally friendly, solvent-free adhesive technology, and zero-emission green processes.
The entire production line, from material lamination to printing, utilizes solvent-free manufacturing with no VOC emissions, prioritizing food safety and environmental concerns. They collaborate with industry chains that share the same values to provide customers with sustainable packaging solutions, ensuring the protection of their products. With beautifully textured packaging bags, they also safeguard the environment without compromise.

Let’s work together to create a healthier, more environmentally friendly, and safer future!
Yumthé indulges in the taste of health-enhancing tea therapy, pursuing a better quality of life.

  • Material / Matte aluminum foil
  • Printing / CMYK+W
  • Design / YUMTHÉ
  • Photography / daydayprint